Millau's takeoff




Pouncho d'Agast :


la puncho


This site is placed on the "causse noir", it's overhanging Millau and the two rivers crossing here (Tarn and Dourbie)

GPS position : 44°06'37.7" N 03°06'10.9"E


Brunas :




The site of "Brunas" is placed in the dryland of the "Larzac" near of the viaduc of Millau

GPS position : 44°04'19.2"N 03°03'50.7"E


Le pic d'Andan


le pic d'andan


The "pic d'Andan" is the mount placed just at the north of Millau

GPS position : 44°07'54.2"N 03°04'08.1"E


Novis :




Situated in 20 kilometers in the North of millau, "Novis" is a small site where we can fly when the wind is too strong to fly in Millau.

GPS position : 44°15'21.2"N 03°07'03.0"E