Paragliding flights

vol en parapente

the paragliding tandem is an activity approachable to all and it requires no preliminary training. we just need a few step to reach the oldest dream of the man.
Its very simple,we start with a few step,take a small pause to check if everything is ok with the glider,a small running and we leave slowly the earth.

Now it's ok,we're flying!!

The morning flight (60€):

The Morning Flight is a long and smooth glide in the peacefull morning aerology. It suits well childrens for a first approach with paragliding flying and last about ten minutes.

The discovery flight (80€) :


The Discovery Flight usually takes place in the afternoon. In each flight, your pilot takes up the challenge of finding ascents and exploit them to make your pleasure last. This flight suitable for all is the classic formula for paragliding tandem flying in Millau. This flight last about twenty minutes.

"Millau's takeoff"


The XC (cross-country) flight (140 €) :


The XC Flight is the greedy's tandem flight. Taking place on the afternoon, your pilot takes you for an airwalk, so you will know the vultures flying secrets and may be fly with them in Millau sky. It can be taken as educationnal flight for the beginner who wish to improve his technical knowledge. This tandem flight lasts at least 40 minutes